Venice, here I come!

Well this is it. My paintings ready for packing and shipping to Venice. They will arrive before us so it will be a new experience having someone else do the presenting and hanging work for me. Next time I see these, they will be hanging amongst a selection of International artists’ works. Phew! What a ride!

Ready for Venice, 2018.JPG


I am honoured to have 4 of my European paintings selected for an exhibition in Venice in December, Contemporary Venice 2018. What a wild rush now, as I try to finish an essay on French Impressionism, complete the Impressionism course and prepare for a trip to Venice, all in two weeks! Nothing like last minute living in our household. The paintings selected will be hanging on display from Dec 6th - 11th January.

Ferryman's Hut Pop Up

What a great venue to hold a pop up one day exhibition! It is a small room but just the right size for people to have a relaxed look and select the painting they wish to buy. Despite the wild thunder storm that poured down on us mid afternoon, we had a steady stream of visitors packed with positive comments and a number of works heading for new homes.

Ferryman's Hut

Blending the built and natural world.

From Queenstown to Sydney to Jasper Alberta. My palette and knife are wandering the world for a while, taking in and putting down on canvas some of the highlights. This latest is a waterfall near Jasper. It has been slow going building layers over the past few days, but I think something is finally coming together. With this one there have been many times where I have put down the knife and covered my palette for the night, or simply moved on to another painting for a break. It has required many steps back to view from a different angle. Once again, it would have been simpler to reproduce a realistic copy of the original pic (photo cred Phil Dakin) than to create an impressionistic version. But therein lies the challenge that I love. 


New Views

It’s always fun to pick up the palette knife and start a new theme. There are several I am currently working on, from recent trips to gather material to paint. Sometimes I’m instantly drawn to a picture and other times it can take several days of pouring over my pictures to find inspiration. Autumn in New Zealand has had my concentration captured for a while, but now it’s on to the UK and Paris from my Christmas trip. It was a very cold time to travel, but hopefully you will enjoy the next series of winter views. 


Red, orange, yellow and gold

The images I can create with these colours constantly delight me. Colours and light. Impressionism. I could paint a lot more of these scenes before I tire of the colours. It’s also a perfect thing keeping me away from my current study of Art History!

IMG_2489 (Edited).JPG

True Colours

I have vague memories of the colours of Autumn when I lived in Canberra, but the experience of Queenstown, Arrowtown and Wanaka was new. It was a total saturation of my visual senses every time I looked outside. I wasn't the only one being overwhelmed. My companions constantly exclaimed at the view. The colours brought out different behaviour in people, and all over town there were people throwing leaves, kicking their shoes through leaf "puddles" and rolling around the ground in piles of fallen autumn leaves, taking photographs. I have started the new series of Queenstown Autumn, and have discovered a new love. Autumn. 



I find it delightful how my art direction morphs and fine tunes. It's now been a year since I left my regular source of income and returned to being a full time artist. "I took the path less travelled..and that has made all the difference".  My very first introduction to the French Impressionists, by my school Art Teacher, has begun a life time love of their work and style and given me a wonderful benchmark for my own work. My focus is Impressionism and my favourite topics have become ancient villages and fields of flowers. Recent travels have now enabled me to work from my own photographic material, so my new works will cover winter in the UK/Paris, and Autumn in Queenstown. The seasons with their light and colour are what drives the Impressionist to capture it on canvas. This week I start this new series. 

IMG_0934 (Edited).JPG

Tying up loose ends

It's still quite a juggling act, renovating a house and keeping the lid partially on the desire to start new works. Some pieces from last year weren't quite finished so it has been quite cathartic to finish these off. No time pressures at the moment. However, a kitchen in our house would make life a little more organised. #impressionism in the kitchen and the studio!

Back on the bike.

Well I'm back in my studio with palette knife in hand. What a wonderful feeling! Over this Christmas/New Year period, I've had two successful exhibitions and a trip to the UK and France for material for new works. So now I can wade through all the myriad of potential shots. Hmmm...days of pouring over photos and memories coming up!

Black boards

By now it's evident that Sydney Harbour by night is such an inspiring view for for an artist, and I seem to be constantly drawn to the play of light and dark. Such loud contrasts yet in the night, silently beautiful.

The challenge is always to find a spot for my signature mouse in the darkness of these scenes.


I need variety when I paint. I must work on several paintings at a time, like when I read books. I always have several books on the go at once: something philosophical, something entertaining and reasonably light, a novel, a biography. Two of today's works have started with the whole board painted black. Leaves much to the imagination and everyone guessing.

Watch This Space...

Hello! Thank you for visiting my art website, and welcome! I'm interested in accompanying my painting with a little something extra, and thought the occasional blog post would be a great way to do that. So watch this space... exciting things to come!